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Wilhemina Grant Cooper

Wilhelmina Grant-Cooper is a self-taught, Harlem-based visual artist, arts instructor, and author.  

Dionis Ortiz

Drawing from his experiences as a child born and raised with his Dominican family in West Harlem, Dionis continues to live and create in our beloved neighborhood, where his geometric, process-based works from ill-regarded and found materials to celebrate the people of the African diaspora.

Stephanie Berry

As the raucously entertaining follow-up to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the Classical Theatre of Harlem’s new production, Malvolio, features a diverse cast of top tier actors, including West Harlem’s own Broadway powerhouse performer, Stephanie Berry.

Cinzia Meneghello

Cinzia Meneghello is an artist, designer and curator who has worked extensively with organizations and cultural venues in West Harlem.

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