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For Artists and Arts Organizations
in West Harlem

Community Benefits Grant Program for the Arts

This coming Spring, the West Harlem Arts Alliance (WHAA) and The West Harlem Development Corporation (WHDC) will work together to better service our community within the Arts & Culture priority area/criterion of the 2024 Community Benefits Grant Program. 

WHAA and WHDC grant programs will focus on the deep and significant impact of the arts within our West Harlem community by supporting artists and programs that support and promote equity in the arts through public engagement and presentations.

For a complete list of WHDC’s 2023 CBG awardees, click HERE.

MICRO Grants Program for Artists

Micro Grants are one-time awards designed to provide support for imminent and timely West Harlem project completion in need of items like supplies, marketing or promotional materials, and other basic needs, especially if they provide increased access to the project.

Micro Grants are offered on an ad hoc basis and as private funding permits.  Currently, Micro Grants will not be available until the Spring of 2024.

Please join our mailing list while we prepare and announce grant opportunities for the Arts by visiting our Contact page.

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